Electrical Safety Inspections & Code Compliance

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Electrical Safety Inspections & Code Compliance

Electrical safety is one of the biggest concerns at Shalkham Electric, yet majority of homeowners in Erie, PA rarely schedule electrical safety inspections with a professionally qualified and well-trained electricians. 

And why so? 

Well, in most cases, it’s because homeowners don’t consider this as a necessary home maintenance measure. As a matter of fact, the electrical safety inspections and code compliance issues are considered an unnecessary expense. 

Unlike the inconveniencing power surges or failures and costly electrical system repairs, regular electrical safety inspections performed by experienced Shalkham Electric professionals are well worth your investment. 

The routine electrical inspection done by our expert electricians can detect problems with the electrical system in your home before they become extended or get beyond repair.

Thorough with attention to detail

When it comes to electrical safety inspection & code compliance in Erie, PA, we don’t cut corners. We know your security and safety depends on the electrical safety inspections carried out by our insured and qualified electricians.

As such, we ensure all our electrical safety inspections are thorough, accurate, and designed to reveal the real problem and safeguard your life and home.

Shalkham Electric proudly serves the greater Erie, Pennsylvania and surroundings with a difference as the most trusted electricians. 

Whether carrying out electrical installations, electrical repairs, emergency electrical services, electric panel upgrades or commercial or residential electric services, we are efficient and the best choice for the job.

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"No job is too big or too small for us. When you need a reliable residential electric or commercial electric service contractor, always count on Shalkham Electric for excellent workmanship at reasonable prices."

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