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With Erie in Pennsylvania prone to severe and sporadic storms, hurricanes and unexpected summer thunderstorms, there’s a pretty good chance you may find yourself wallowing in a blackout. 

But hey, that doesn’t have to be you when your local home standby generator installation expert can provide the perfect solution for all your electrical needs in Erie, PA.

Shalkham Electric is an insured and licensed electrical contractor servicing Erie and surrounding communities in Pennsylvania.

We specialize in efficiently installing home standby generators that can power your lighting, cooling, refrigeration and heating needs during the worst blackouts, ensuring 24/7 automatic power protection. 

When you need the best generator installers in Erie, PA, we are the electrical company to choose. Providing top Erie generator installation services, we ensure you have a functional generator to guarantee you power when you most need it. 

Our comprehensive generator services include installation, replacement and maintenance. Providing both residential and commercial generators and services in Erie, PA, we guarantee excellence service, performance and satisfaction as always.

Whether in need of a standby power system for an established data center, backup generators for your family or an emergency power generator for a hospital, we are fully-equipped to conveniently get you through an outage. 

Shalkham Electric has got your power covered 24/7. With our 24-Hour Emergency Electrical Service, we are reliable and conveniently meet the needs of businesses and homes in Erie, Pennsylvania.

As a duly accredited electrical contractor in Erie, PA, we are top-rated for excellent workmanship, customer service and honesty.


So, are you in need of home generators to take care of necessities like laundry, cooking or lighting? Trust Shalkham Electric to protect you against outages with residential standby power. 

Or if you need generators for your business, we provide the right solutions to help you safeguard against losses that come with a power outage—for even just a few hours. With our state-of-the-art generators professionally installed, we ensure your commercial backup power system is up and running smoothly, helping you avoid costly downtimes when power goes out. 

As a forward thinker, prepare yourself, your home or business for the unexpected severe weather outages. 

Call (814) 873-2788 today and experience the difference we make!

Other Electric Services Include

"No job is too big or too small for us. When you need a reliable residential electric or commercial electric service contractor, always count on Shalkham Electric for excellent workmanship at reasonable prices."

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