Whole House Rewiring

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Whole House Rewiring Erie, PA

Do you want to rewire your house in Erie, PA?  Well, you’re on the right page!

Sure thing, the demand for modern lifestyle has redefined the kind of appliances and electrical devices we now depend on daily. This increased dependence and usage of smart home technologies can put a lot of strain on your existing electrical wiring system. 

If your house hasn’t been rewired in the past 20-25 years, it’s obvious it needs your attention. 

A whole house rewiring project means that every single electrical cable running throughout your house must be replaced. This is a complex task that requires a lot of expertise and attention to detail. 

Welcome to the best electricians in Erie, PA.

Shalkham Electric is the most trusted, licensed and insured electrical contractor for all your wiring and rewiring needs in Erie, PA.

We take pride in being one the leading electrical companies with highly qualified professionals that guarantee highest level workmanship and adhere to the latest electrical safety and code compliance standards.

As the go-to experts in whole house rewiring services, we provide fast and reliable electrical, heating and air conditioning solutions that guarantee 100% customer satisfaction at competitive prices.

whole house rewiring electrician in Erie, PA

Are you looking for a whole house rewiring electrician in Erie, PA? Maybe you only want to work with the best smart home services expert or experienced electrician near you. Well, Shalkham Electric is the company to turn your need into a seamless setup, safely and in no time.  

As specialists in whole house rewiring, upgrades and wiring, we deliver:

  • Decades’ reputation for reliability and highest quality
  • Full range of commercial and residential electrical services
  • Highly trained, licensed and professional electricians
  • High quality equipment and installations
  • Safe and timely whole house rewiring service
  • Outstanding customer service at fair pricing

No job is too big or too small for our team of electricians dedicated to serving you with a difference. 

Whether in need of electrical repairs, electrical installations, emergency electrical services, electric panel upgrade, commercial electric, residential electric or smart home services, Shalkham Electric is the best choice for your electrical project.  

Call (814) 873-2788 today and experience the Shalkham Electric difference!

Other Electric Services Include

"No job is too big or too small for us. When you need a reliable residential electric or commercial electric service contractor, always count on Shalkham Electric for excellent workmanship at reasonable prices."

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