Whole House Surge Protectors

A skilled electrician is working on an electrical panel in Erie, PA.

Whole House surge protectors

Did you know that even a slight power surge can completely destroy everything plugged into your outlets? Well, now you know.

A power surge is basically a sudden rise in voltage above the standard 120 volts, and
puts plugged-in devices in your home at risk. When this happens, the wiring in your
electronic devices overheats and starts burning—pooof! A time bomb waiting to
explode. You don’t have to get there.

When you need to protect your home against power surges, trust Shalkham Electric’s whole house surge protectors for the best and ultimate solution in protecting your valuable gadgets.

Combining advanced technology and excellent workmanship, our licensed, qualified and experienced electricians discreetly install your whole house surge protectors in your breaker panel, offering you the high quality service you deserve.

Our house surge protection services are comprehensive, ensuring all your electronics and appliances are safe.

So the next time you need a whole-house surge protector expert at your door, it’s got tobe Shalkham Electric.

Sadly, most homeowners think surge protection is all about plugging electronic gadgets into the ordinary surge suppressors or surge power strips. Yet, maximum protection must be hard-wired into the home’s main electrical panel by a highly experienced and licensed electrician like Shalkham Electric.

Today, majority of modern homes are awash with advanced and expensive appliances and electronics that a whole house surge protector can safeguard, and these include televisions, computers, home theatre systems, dishwashers, air conditioners, washing machines, heating and cooling systems, phones, microwaves, stereos among others.

Why Choose Us?

Most reliable solution to preserve your devices and appliances

 24 Hour Emergency Electrical Service

 High quality tools and equipment

 Professional, licensed & certified electricians

 Affordable pricing

 Excellent customer service

 100% satisfaction guarantee

 Comprehensive electrical services including electric panel upgrade, electricalrepairs and residential and commercial electrical services.

For the most reliable, superior whole house surge protector installations in Erie, PA, contact us today.

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"No job is too big or too small for us. When you need a reliable residential electric or commercial electric service contractor, always count on Shalkham Electric for excellent workmanship at reasonable prices."

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